Rank 8

Rank 8 is the home of the sousaphones and baritone saxophones. They’re proud to play the biggest and deepest instruments in the 97, and they excel at adding to the atmosphere at football games with well timed renditions of "Brick House." When not on the field, Rank 8 can usually be found at their favorite place, IHOP.

Luke Kim, Kai Davison, Vinny Taylor, Corey Loevinger, Abbey Mitchell, Elliot Horowitz, Paul Kemp, Mike Pont

Luke Kim

Luke Kim is a baritone sax and violin player studying Political Science in the class of '20. Luke is from Moorestown, NJ, and is involved in LU Sound, LU Philharmonic, and Kappa Kappa Psi. He wants to end his last season with a blast as rank leader, and his favorite memory is when the band kicked the Lafayette pep band off the field in their own stadium. At practice, he is with rank 8, being loud and obnoxious while somehow being productive at the same time. Luke once stabbed himself with a fork.