Rank 7

The alto saxophones make their home in Rank 7. They’re a spirited group with no shortage of musical knowledge, and their hobbies include bouncing up and down in time to the warmup piece. The saxophones can be recognized as the people who are usually begging the StudCon to play "Hogan’s Heroes," much to most other band members' dismay.

Adam Wiley, Tyler Waldvogel, Dylan Staniszewski, Jennifer Ocampo, Melissa Callahan, Emily Landgren, Matthew Rivera, Sarah Yeung

Adam Wiley

Adam Wiley, '20, from Wappingers Falls, NY, leads rank 7. He's studying Computer Engineering and music, and wants his rank to lift their legs to 97°. During practice he can be found leading the rank in a dab wave. He's also a big fan of "Alto Sax Tuning" with his rank. He doesn't believe there's a reason required to explain why his rank is the best there is. Along with the 97, Adam is also a member of LU sound!