Rank 7

The alto saxophones make their home in Rank 7. They’re a spirited group with no shortage of musical knowledge, and their hobbies include bouncing up and down in time to the warmup piece. The saxophones can be recognized as the people who are usually begging the StudCon to play "Hogan’s Heroes," much to most other band members' dismay.

Tyler Waldvogel, Jason Shacter, Aspen Bubak, Lorenzo Ciccone, Miranda Jellen, Colin Schofield, Alexander Margulies, Jessica Schalet

Tyler Waldvogel

Tyler Waldvogel, '23, from Bethesda, MD, leads Rank 7. He's studying Industrial and Systems Engineering while minoring in Data Science, and wants to make the first year students feel welcomed into the band and to make Rank 7 the best rank east of all points west! His favorite 97 memory was marching into the stands during the Rivalry Game last year. He loves the energy the 97 brings to every football game! A fun fact about Tyler is that his last name means "forest bird" in German.