Rank 11

Rank 11 is the traditional home of the tenor saxophones, a group that never runs out of noise, sass, and most importantly, memes. They stay close outside of practice with fun psyche events, and bring their unique sense of humor to everything they do. The 97 certainly wouldn’t be the same without Rank 11 around.

Evan Choy, Alexis Javier, Amaya Apolinario, Rebecca Bone, Matthew Hornung, James Bradshaw, Andrew Johnson, Henry Levy

Evan Choy

Evan Choy, member of the class of 2020, is a Computer Science & Business student, also studying Accounting. Evan is from Marlboro, NJ, and as the 2019 tenor sax rank leader, he wants the rank to avoid as many collisions as possible while going to the box during their field shows. Evan likes to play handbells, learn languages, do martial arts, and do lion dancing, but loves crying because his balance sheets don't balance. At practice, he is found marching and counting 2 beats behind count. Evan has been practicing Chinese lion dancing since the age of 6! He says rank 11 is the best because of the people, and that they get to be the tail-end of the 97's tailgate parade before football games.