Rank 10

Rank 10 has been known as many things over the years. Once a high woodwind overflow rank, Rank 10 has become a proud mutt rank where just about any instrument is welcomed. Currently home to a mixture of clarinets and piccolos, Rank 10 has no shortage of variety. What they lack in cohesiveness, they make up for in PSYCHE!

Miranda Chiong, Owen Funk, Shirley Zhu, Lauren Schultz, Matt Dolin, Heather Petersen, Grace Ditmar, Rose Rush

Miranda Chiong

Miranda Chiong, from the Poconos, PA, is studying Molecular Biology from the class of '25. Her goal as Rank Leader is to make sure Rank 10 is always 10/10!!! Miranda's favorite thing about the 97 is playing music with her friends and bringing the psyche around campus! Her favorite 97 memory is performing at the Lelaf game this past year. A fun fact about Miranda is that she has a birthmark on the back of her right eye.