Rank 10

Rank 10 has been known as many things over the years. Once a high woodwind overflow rank, Rank 10 has become a proud mutt rank where just about any instrument is welcomed. Currently home to a mixture of saxophones and clarinets, Rank 10 has no shortage of variety. What they lack in cohesiveness, they make up for in psyche.

Maria Lancia, Kahlee Perera, Frances Colon, Quinton Ritchie, Alex Forry, Jocelyn Buchheister, Rose Rush, Miguel Martinez

Maria Lancia

Maria Lancia, a class of '21 member from Dubai, UAE, is a Bioengineering major, studying pharmacuticals. Her goal this season is to create new rank 10 traditions (especially a tradition before the half time show). Her hobbies consist of climbing on the roofs of academic buildings, jokes, hiking, and finding new places to eat. Her favorite memory is her first psyche run! At practice, she can be found kicking over mards. Along with the band, Maria takes part in a dance team, gymnastics team, and outdoor club. She started with 6 pet fish her sophomore year and now only has 2 left.