Rank 5

Rank 5 is the main home of the mellophones, who are full of love for each other and pretty much everyone else too. They never disappoint when it comes time to play "Pompeii," and they’re never anything less than utterly majestic. The mellophones’ specialty is themed rank costumes, and they’ve been known to appear as everything from Harry Potter characters to garden gnomes.

Wendy Conklin, Nick Catanzaro, Jake Regler, Lilly Gruber, Grace Miller, Devon Kolumber, Buckley Ross

Wendy Conklin

Wendy Conklin is a French horn and mellophone player, studying Environmental Engineering in the class of 2020. She's from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and her favorite memory with the 97 was getting to know everyone on the bus ride to band camp freshmen year and realizing we’d all be hanging out pretty regularly for the next 4 years! She hopes to be the best rank leader she can be, and can be found appreciating the random dogs that are being walked near the practice field during rehearsal. Wendy is in the Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Brass Ensemble, Choral Union, and the American academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists.