Rank 1

Rank 1 is the home of the trombones, an exuberant and welcoming group who are especially adept at causing a ruckus whenever needed. Full of psyche and demonstrating fancy flashes on the field, the trombones are hard to miss. They can be recognized from a long distance by the distinct strains of "Underbone."

Brendan Conway, Dario Rivellini, Eric Burton, Eric Yang, Anders Heyniger, Mitchell Dorward, John Koubek

Brendan Conway

Brendan Conway is in the class of '23 majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Music. He is from Orefield, PA, and plays trombone with his fellow rank 1-ers. Brendan's goal is to lead his rank and to have fun with the many psyche nights planned for his rank! His favorite memory with the 97 is being able to conduct the band on multiple occurrences. He loves to hang out with his friends during and outside of marching band rehearsal! A fun fact about Brendan is that he owns several college shirts from colleges and universities that he has visited.