Rank 1

Rank 1 is the home of the trombones, an exuberant and welcoming group who are especially adept at causing a ruckus whenever needed. Full of psyche and demonstrating fancy flashes on the field, the trombones are hard to miss. They can be recognized from a long distance by the distinct strains of "Underbone."

Tim Hartnagel, Mason Mosack, Skipper Erickson, Tyler Hagmann, Ben King, Rohan Ekambaram, Brendan Conway, Kaitlyn Peterson

Tim Hartnagel

Tim Hartnagel is a Biochemistry major in the class of '21. He's from Nanuet, NY, and plays trombone with his fellow rank 1-ers. His goal as rank leader is to bring more psyche to the band by getting others excited as well. His favorite memory with the band is the London New Years Day Parade. Tim also plays in the Wind Ensemble, Jazz Orchestra, and Brass Ensemble. He loves playing Underbone with his fellow trombone players, and can be found taking part in the great Acorn Wars during weekly rehearsals.