Ranks 3 & 12

The percussion section makes up Ranks 3 and 12, usually holding the honor of being the largest section in the 97. While far apart in rank number, they’re a close knit group in every other way, on and off the field. They’re always eager to welcome new members or bring enthusiasm and fun to rehearsals. It’s debatable whether the drumline knows how to march any other move than directly forwards or backwards, but they have a cadence for every occasion and excel at making the rest of the band have to skip at the most inconvenient moment possible.

Brian Yeung, Hannah Mitchell, Harrison Szczapa, Craig Mandelbaum, Aidan Sines, Dawson Wallace, Logan Kramer, Ian Byrne, Xavier Rivera, Noah Jalango, Andy Fugh, Larri Miller, Marta Kasica-Soltan, Cindy Ni, Emily Ferencz, Brandon Hocking, Corydon Zouzias

Craig Mandelbaum

Craig Mandelbaum, leader of rank 3, plays the snare. Hailing from Warren, NJ, Craig majors in music in the class of 2021, and loves writing and practicing show music. In his free time, Craig teaches the pit band at Nazareth High School. His favorite memory with the 97 was sitting at a table and playing in a tent while on the tailgating route.

Larri Miller

Larri Miller, '20, is the rank 12 leader, playing bass, quads, snare, or anything 3/12-related. She's a Cognitive Science & Psychology major, minoring in Sociology/Anthropology. Larri is from DuBois, PA, and has the goal of being an approachable leader so that she can be a resource for anyone in need. Her two pastimes are obsessing over animals and scrolling through memes. She loves that each class of 97 members has their own verse that we sing loudly together anytime the opportunity arises.