Ranks 6 & 9

Ranks 6 and 9 are the traditional trumpet ranks, making up one of the largest sections in the band. They’re loud and proud, and supply unending psyche. The close knit trumpets are easily heard in any field show, and they enjoy spending time together outside of rehearsal at their psyche nights. They’re always ready to create good spirited havoc, and they definitely don’t cheat during Rank Olympics. Ever.

Reilly Yankovich, Carly Lavine, Nick Sireci, Nicholas Berns-Hoyt, Luis Morales, Sam Alper, Michael Hill, Janice Rapp, Tom Limoges, Thomas Murgolo, Kevin Brown, Alex Ratzman, Eric Scott, Andrew Vander Pallen, Matthew Briggs, Nathan Lam

Reilly Yankovich

Reilly Yankovich, leader of rank 6, plays trumpet while majoring in Computer Science and Engineering in the class of 2021. Reilly is from, well, right here in Bethlehem, PA. This year he wants his rank to have a fun season full of memories. His favorite 97 memory was his first game from his freshman year- "it was exhilarating". He thinks his rank is the best there is because it's absolutely overflowing with psyche!

Tom Limoges

Tom Limoges, class of 2022, majors in Physics, and is capable of playing the trumpet, cello, and kazoo. From Albany, NY, Tom wants to keep the band as a positive and fun-loving community. He fondly remembers getting rained on at Holy Cross, and can be found keeping his legs at 97 degrees at all times! He claims that the trumpets are the stars of the band, which makes ranks six and nine the best. Also, it is a mathematical fact that nine is greater than six.