Ranks 6 & 9

Ranks 6 and 9 are the traditional trumpet ranks, making up one of the largest sections in the band. They’re loud and proud, and supply unending psyche. The close knit trumpets are easily heard in any field show, and they enjoy spending time together outside of rehearsal at their psyche nights. They’re always ready to create good spirited havoc, and they definitely don’t cheat during Rank Olympics. Ever.

Nick Berns-Hoyt, Paul Firuzie, Marco Clark, Carly Lavine, Meghan Matthys, Anna Lesher, Alex Ratzman, Allyson Andah, Christian King, Matthew Briggs, Gev Murgolo, David Riley, Jack Hertzler

Nicholas (Bernie) Berns-Hoyt

Nicholas (Bernie) Berns-Hoyt, Leader of Rank 6, plays trumpet while majoring in Civil Engineering and minoring in History in the class of 2023. Bernie is from Overland Park, KS and will often tell you stories about Kansas. This year he wants to inject twice as much PSYCHE into the trumpet section as they give him, so as to electrify his rank with the energy needed to be the best section in the band! His favorite 97 memory is the first show he ever marched his freshman year, when he got to finally step out into a real college stadium to perform an amazing show! With this, his favorite thing about the 97 is how much PSYCHE and energy the band puts into each performance. A fun fact about Bernie is that he writes short stories about a cowboy named Sarsaparilla Sam.

Alex Ratzman

Alex "Razzle Dazzle" Ratzman, class of 2023, majors in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science, and is capable of playing Trumpet and Kazoo! From Lawrence Township, NJ, Alex wants to have his rank be a welcoming environment for newcomers as well as demonstrating the most PSYCHE at band events. He is very fond of Eco-Flame where the 97 plays in the classrooms around campus during Rivalry Week. Alex's favorite thing about the 97 is getting to know a large group of people with similar interests even before classes start. A fun fact about Alex is that he is writing one of the shows that will be performed this year!