The 2023 Executive Board

The Marching 97 is a completely student run organization with the exception of guidance from our faculty advisors. Read on to learn about the thirteen executives that comprise this year's board!

Manager - Sasha Rabeno

The Marching 97 manager is the leader of the band off the field. As the head of the executive board, the manager's duties include running executive meetings and acting as the band's liaison between both Athletics and the University administration. The manager can be contacted at

Sasha Rabeno '24 is a senior from Clark, NJ majoring in IDEAS with concentrations in computer science and science, technology, and society. She plays the quads in the Marching 97, and she also takes classical piano, jazz piano, and drumset lessons. Sasha is in the Quiz Bowl Club, and she was a gryphon for two years. Outside of music, Sasha enjoys crocheting, taking care of my many plants, and playing Pokémon. Some fun facts about Sasha include that she has a twin (who unfortunately is not in band), she once made it into the top 250 players for online competitive Pokémon, and she has two really cute cats!

Drum Major - Jeremy Raecke

The Marching 97's drum major is responsible for running field practice and leading the band in performances. The drum major writes the first field show each season and organizes drill writing for the rest of the performances. Look for the drum major in a tall white hat as they lead the band in the traditional 'Marching LEHIGH'! Contact the drum major at

Jeremy Raecke is a senior from Leesburg, VA majoring in mathematics and economics. He plays the trumpet in the Marching 97 as well as wind ensemble. At Lehigh, Jeremy is also involved in Kappa Kappa Psi. Jeremy enjoys writing music, playing video games, doing crosswords and lots of math. A fun fact about Jeremy is he has self released five albums and counting!

Staff Assistant - Marco Clark

As the financial officer of the Marching 97, the staff assistant is in charge of the band's budget. The staff assistant is also responsible for helping with the various administrative duties of the band, such as paperwork and attendance. The staff assistant plans the annual band banquet at the end of each season as well! The Marching 97's staff assistant can be reached by emailing

Marco Clark '25 is a junior from Harleysville, PA majoring in Computer Science & Engineering and minoring in data science and music. He plays the trumpet in the Marching 97 as well as wind ensemble, jazz orchestra, and symphonic band. At Lehigh, Marco is also involved in LU Underwater Robotics. In his free time, Marco enjoys Playing GeoGuessr and building LEGO sets.

Publicity Manager - Maeve McGowan

The publicity manager, or PubMan, is the band's link with the outside world- they are responsible for updating the band's website and social media, as well as writing the field show announcements. The other chief responsibility of the publicity manager is maintaining the band's strong relationships with its many alumni- they also organize events such as Alumni Band Day. The publicity manager can be contacted at

Maeve McGowan '25 is a junior from East Windsor, NJ majoring in psychology with a concentration in clinical and behavioral health and minoring in music. She plays the baritone in the Marching 97 as well as the wind ensemble, brass ensemble, and symphonic band. At Lehigh, she is also involved in Kappa Kappa Psi and the Health Behavior Lab. Outside of rehearsal, Maeve can be found at the gym, volunteering at a LVHN, and practicing the euphonium. A fun fact about Maeve is that she loves lemons!

Freshmen Managers (Refrosh & Refritch) - Will Stewart & Meghan Matthys

The freshmen managers of the Marching 97 - collectively known as Refrotch - are responsible for recruitment and retention of members of the 97. They are in charge of planning Marching 97 involvement at admitted students events, providing information to prospective band members, and helping the incoming class through their first season in the 97. The freshmen managers also organize themed psyche days to keep up morale and excitement. If you're thinking about joining the Marching 97, don't hesitate to email the freshman manager of your choice at (Will Stewart) or (Meghan).

Will Stewart '25 is a junior from Fort Smith, AR majoring in population health and minoring in music. He plays the mellophone in the Marching 97 and french horn in wind ensemble and symphonic band. At Lehigh, Will is also involved in Kappa Kappa Psi, the Paranormal Investigative Club, and Cru. Outside of the band, he absolutely loves watching almost any sport (but baseball is his very favorite). A fun fact about Will is that his family fosters young kids!

Meghan Matthys '25 is a junior from Melbourne, FL majoring in behavioral neuroscience and minoring in cognitive science. She plays the trumpet in the Marching 97 and symphonic band. At Lehigh, Meghan is also involved in LUEMS, LU Fiber Arts. In her free time, Meghan enjoys knitting and crocheting. A fun fact about Meghan is that she was a competitive Irish dancer for ten years!

Equipment Manager (Toots) - Shannyn Konek & Crystal Flores

The equipment managers are primarily responsible for distribution, maintenance, and transportation of many instruments of the Marching 97 - hence the nickname of Toots. Most members of the Marching 97 use instruments that belong to the band, so the equipment managers are never short of work, especially as they also tend to the miscellaneous technical needs of the band. The equipment managers can be contacted at

Shannyn Konek '26 is a sophomore from Harrisburg, PA majoring in environmental/civil engineering & computer science. She plays mellophone in the Marching 97 and french horn in symphonic band. Outside of band, Shannyn enjoys monster drinks and coffee, working in the ZAC score library, playing video games, and watching cartoons! A fun fact about Shannyn is that she has three rooms in her house displaying her LEGO collection!

Crystal Flores '26 is a sophomore from Bethelehm, PA majoring in civil engineering. She plays the tenor saxophone in the Marching 97. At Lehigh, Crystal is also involved in the Commuter Student Association. Outside of the band, you can find Crystal watching podcasts and anime, playing Apex, or having her third cup of coffee. She’s a proud mom of two dogs named Coffee and Tea!

Uniform Manager (Suits) - Lauren Schultz

The uniform manager - more commonly known as Suits - is responsible for making sure everyone in the band looks their best on game day. The uniform manager is in charge of distribution and maintenance of uniforms, as well as ensuring everyone is properly attired at official events. The uniform manager can be contacted by emailing

Lauren Schultz '24 is a senior from Springfield, NJ majoring in industrial and systems engineering and minoring in theatre and data science. She plays the piccolo in the Marching 97 as well as the symphonic band. At Lehigh, Lauren is also involved in the Mustard and Cheese Drama Society and Kappa Kappa Psi. Outside of the 97, Lauren can be found stage managing in the theater department, baking, or playing ukulele. A fun fact about Lauren is that she’s scuba certified!

Student Conductor - Layne Raczy

The student conductor, or StudCon, of the Marching 97 is responsible for conducting the band in the stands during football games and at other performances as needed. Besides conducting, the responsibilities of the student conductor include rehearsing music with the band and selecting the songs played in the stands. The student conductor can be reached at

Layne Raczy '25 is a junior from Mohnton, PA majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in energy engineering. He plays tenor saxophone in the Marching 97 and baritone saxophone in the wind ensemble and symphonic band. At Lehigh, Layne is also involved in Lehigh Underwater Robotics. In his free time, Layne also enjoys long distance running. He also has two dogs at home named Spooky and Brannigan!

Librarian - Colin Schofield

The librarian of the Marching 97 organizes and maintains the band's music library. They are in charge of creating music folders for the band members, and copying and distributing music throughout the season. The librarian can be contacted at

Colin Schofield '25 is a junior from Coopersburg, PA majoring in computer science and business. He plays the alto saxophone in the Marching 97 as well as jazz ensemble and jazz combo. Colin is also involved in Kappa Kappa Psi at Lehigh. Outside of music, Colin enjoys watching sports, hiking, biking, and gaming!

Historian - Liz Wolfe

The historian's major responsibilities are the documentation and interpretation of the Marching 97's history. They maintain and contribute to our archives, and work to make our storied history accessible to band members and the public alike. The historian can be contacted at

Liz Wolfe '26 is a sophomore from Havertown, PA majoring in economics and minoring in data science and mass communication. She plays the tenor sax in the Marching 97 and bari sax in symphonic band. At Lehigh, Liz is also involved in Kappa Kappa Psi, and she is an admissions tour guide. Outside of band, she enjoys playing guitar and crocheting. A fun fact about Liz is that she has a self-proclaimed perfect bagel recipe!

Senior Representative - Andrew Koerner

The senior representative of the Marching 97 is a member of the senior class responsible for a variety of tasks. They acquire food for the band on game days, plan the senior dinner at band camp, and organize various social events for the band to spend time together outside of rehearsals. The senior representative can be contacted by emailing

Andrew Koerner '24 is a senior from Hawthorne, NJ majoring in physics and minoring in computer science and music. He plays the snare and quads in the Marching 97 and percussion in wind ensemble, symphonic band, private drum set lessons, and percussion lessons. At Lehigh, Andrew is also involved in the Society of Physics Students and Lehigh Liners. He is also doing physics research dealing with cool lasers and trying to learn how to skateboard (slowly but surely)! Andrew’s favorite thing about the 97 is being DUDES President and playing MANBALL at Band Camp!