Rank 4

The piccolos reside in Rank 4. Although their high notes can annoy everyone around them, there’s a lot of love and support to go around in the piccolo section. The piccolos are always down for a High School Musical singalong or Marvel movie marathon. They also enjoy successfully playing the solo in “You Can Call Me Al,” and showing off their dance moves during rests.

Jake Montgomery, Caroline Wang, Mac LaMotteo, Maya Hahn, Mickie Ripatranzone, Abby Mahar, Renata Bravo, Stephanie Callahan

Jake Montgomery

Jake Montgomery, from Pottsville, PA, is an Environmental Engineering major with a minor in Environmental Policy in the class of 2025. Jake leads Rank 4 while playing the piccolo, and wants to make sure everyone in their rank has high knees, high piccolos, and high hopes for his rank! His favorite memory of the 97 is when Lehigh beat Lafayette their freshman year #BeatLafayette! Jake's favorite thing about the 97 is the tight knit relationships we have between each other. A fun fact about Jake is that he was a spelling bee nerd in middle school!