Ranks 4 & 14

The piccolos reside in Ranks 4 and 14. Although their high notes can annoy everyone around them, there’s a lot of love and support to go around in the piccolo section. The piccolos are always down for a High School Musical singalong or Marvel movie marathon. They also enjoy successfully playing the solo in “You Can Call Me Al,” and showing off their dance moves during rests.

Brianna Charvat, Aylin Ay, Regina Lee, Lindsey Ripp, Leah Pasch, Abiageal Barton, Alexis Tellez, Caitlin Murphy, Stephanie Callahan, Kristine Phan, Mericel Mirabel, Nikki Franklin, Addie Pintor, Natalie Mitchell, Sarah McCusker

Brianna Charvat

Brianna Charvat, from Wayne, NJ, is an Industrial and Systems Engineering major with a minor in Music and Economics in the class of 2020. Brianna leads rank 4 while playing the piccolo, and wants to make sure everyone in her rank has a great time this marching band season! Her favorite memory of the 97 is when she marched in the London New Year's Day Parade, and was interviewed prior by parade representatives. At practice, she can be found wearing a fanny pack and playing stand songs from memory.

Caitlin Murphy

Caitlin Murphy, '21, is majoring in Molecular Biology, and leads rank 14. She plays the piccolo, and lives in Manchester, NH. As rank leader, Caitlin wants to keep up the psyche during both practices and performances. Her favorite 97 memory is Psyche running through the streets of London with the band! When she's not at band practice, she's reading, watching movies, or cycling. Her favorite 97 tradition is the Eco Flame at the end of LeLaf week!