"The finest band east of all points west!"

The Marching 97 is the renowned marching band of Lehigh University. While infamous for its inane antics, the band is named for its 97 members. Why 97 members? Ideally, the band is comprised of 12 ranks of 8 members each for a total of 96 musicians - add a drum major and that's 97 people!

With 97 members at full force, the band has certainly come a long way from the intrepid group of 15 who came together in 1906 to form the first Lehigh University Band. Nonetheless, the current Marching 97 is proud of the long and illustrious history that has created it - a history that even included concerts at Carnegie Hall and the World's Fair. For over a hundred years, the band has been a integral part of Lehigh, bringing pride and spirit to the University and beyond with its unmistakable leg-liftery and song-singery!

The Marching 97 is proud to be one of the country's only marching bands which is entirely student-run, but prides itself still more on being the finest band East of all points West! Feel free to explore this website to learn more about the band, its history, and the special brand of spirit we like to call psyche!

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