Ranks 3 & 12

Ranks 3 and 12 have the honor of being the percussion section of the Marching 97. We are a simple breed who just want to play as awesomely as possible. We are known for playing both loud and constantly, and in general have a blast deafening ourselves and anyone else (un)lucky to be within 69.7 feet of us.

Many moons ago, the drumline was just 4 people in Rank 3, but after a few years of scamming unsuspecting frosh and procuring slightly less crappy equipment, the drums eventually resurrected Rank 12 and became the "3-12 Perfect" that we know and love today. Rank 3 consists of snare drums and cymbals. The snare drummers are usually the most skilled players and strive to be as technical as matched grip will allow them. The cymbal players are loud, proud, and never synchronized with each other, but at least they randomly have protective chain mail that they never use. Rank 12 has the bass drums and tenors. The bass drummers are a fun bunch who practice their dancing on the field more than their playing. The quad players have become surprisingly more coordinated with rhythm over the years, but staying in a straight line on the field is another story entirely.

With their combined powers, Ranks 3 and 12 can accomplish the most amazing feats and beats, being 31.2% of why the band always wins. The ranks are always eager for more drummers to join our brotherhood of hitting stuff.