The 2017 Executive Board

The Marching 97 is a completely student run organization with the exception of guidance from our Faculty Advisor. Read on to learn about the 13 Executives that comprise this year's board!

Manager - Daniel Beadle

The Marching 97 Manager is the leader of the band off the field. As the head of the executive board, the Manager's duties include organizing and running exec meetings, and acting as the band's liaison between both Athletics and the University administration. The Manager can be contacted at

Daniel Beadle is a native of Central California and a member of the class of 2018 studying Computer Science and Business. Despite being a little confused about this whole, “seasons” thing he’s enjoying his time on the east coast. In his rare breaks from sending band emails he enjoys hiking, amateur radio, and photography.

Drum Major - Joe Dolde

The Marching 97's drum major is responsible for running field practice and leading the band in performances. The drum major writes the first field show of the season and makes sure that drills get written for the season's remaining shows. Look for the drum major in his tall white hat as he leads the band in the traditional "Marching Lehigh", strutting impressively down the field and whirling his mace through the air! Contact the Drum Major at

Joe hails from the zip code of Earleville, Maryland, where he spent his days on the water and wishing there was a closer Walmart. Upon his discovery of this concept, "Marching Band," he instantly fell in love and found his passion for the marching arts. Joe spends his time yelling at his laptop screen angrily when his programs refuse to compile, and in his spare time thinks about why his program does not compile. His most prized possession is a 3-foot cutout of his own face.

Staff Assistant - Eddie Gardiner

As the financial officer of the Marching 97, the staff assistant is in charge of the band's budget and money. The staff assistant is responsible for helping the manager with the various administrative duties of the band, like paperwork and attendance. The staff assistant also plans the annual Band Banquet at the end of each season! The Marching 97's staff assistant can be reached by emailing

This year's Staff Assistant is Eddie Gardiner, '19, a mechanical engineering major and computer science minor from Acton, Massachusetts. Eddie plays the baritone sax in the Marching 97, the LU Wind Ensemble, and the LU Jazz Orchestra. His video game platforms of choice are the PC and the Nintendo GameCube. Eddie is also the resident expert on airline safety.

Publicity Manager - Joey Rompallo

The publicity manager is the band's link with the outside world - he is responsible for updating the band's website and social media pages, and writing the announcements that are read for each field show. The other chief responsibility of the publicity manager is maintaining the band's strong relationships with its many alumni - he also organizes events such as Alumni Band Day and the alumni banquet. The publicity manager can be contacted at

This year's Publicity Manager is Joey Rompallo, class of 2019. Joey is a Cognitive Science and Psychology major from Kulpmont, Pennsylvania. Her interests include cats, cereal, complaining, and making things more difficult than they need to be.

Freshmen Managers (Refrosh & Refritch) - Dom Gargiulo and Allison Kundrik

The freshmen managers of the Marching 97 - known as "Refrosh" and "Refritch" - are responsible for recruitment and retention of members of the 97. They are in charge of planning Marching 97 involvement in Candidates' Days, providing information to prospective members of the band, and helping each incoming class of bandmembers through their first season in the 97. The freshmen managers also make sure everyone is excited and spirited during practice and games, organizing themed "psyche" days and keeping up morale. So if you're thinking about joining the Marching 97, definitely don't hesitate to email one of the Freshmen managers at (male) or (female).

This year’s freshman managers are Allison Kundrik and Domenic Gargiulo, both class of 2019. Allison is a Computer Engineering major local of Bethlehem, PA. She loves cats more than most, and currently has five at home. Dom is a bioengineering major on a premedical science track from Wall, NJ. He is allergic to cats and loves dogs, but sadly does not have five. Join the band!

Instrument Manager (Toots) - Evan Choy and Jake Regler

The instrument manager is responsible for distribution, maintenance, and transportation of many instruments of the Marching 97 - hence his nickname of "Toots". Most members of the Marching 97 use instruments that belong to the band, so the instrument manager is never short of work, especially as he also tends to the miscellaneous technical needs of the band, such as the drum major's podium, water coolers, and first aid equipment. The instrument manager can be contacted at

The Toots and newly-born Magoots for the 2017 season are Jake Regler (‘20) and Evan Choy (‘20). Jake hails from the town of Newark, Delaware. A physics major by day, when not up in the loft, Jake is an avid reader and viewer of Games of Thrones. His favorite number is 11 because he finds it aesthetically pleasing. And for some reason, he doesn’t like meat. His partner in crime, Evan is a CSB major from Marlboro, New Jersey. When not coding or testing the band’s instruments, Evan can be found giving admissions tours. Oddly enough, Evan’s favorite number is also 8, like the Toots before him. Unlike Jake, Evan really likes meat, but does not understand why there are two types of screw heads.

Uniform Manager (Suits) - Daniella Fodera

The uniform manager - more commonly known as "Suits" - is responsible for making sure everyone in the band looks his or her best on game day. The uniform manager is in charge of distribution and maintenance of official and unofficial uniforms. The uniform manager can be contacted by emailing

This year's ‘Suits’ is Daniella Fodera, hailing from the small town of Clinton, NJ. As a member of the class of 2018, Daniella is pursuing a degree in bioengineering with a concentration in biomechanics/biomaterials and a minor in psychology. In her free time, she loves to play her ukulele and pet puppies.

Student Conductor - Brian Luster

The student conductor, or "StudCon", of the Marching 97 is responsible for conducting the band in the stands during football games and at other performances. Besides conducting, the responsibilities of the student conductor include rehearsing music with the band and selecting new pieces by ordering new music, making arrangements, or selecting pieces from the Marching 97's extensive music library. The student conductor can be reached at

The Student Conductor for the 2017 season is Brian Luster, class of 2019. Brian is an integrated business and civil engineering major from Livingston, New Jersey and is thrilled to be leading the 97 in the stands this year. In his free time, he likes to play the trumpet (the best instrument) and listen to the Hogan’s Heroes soundtrack.

Librarian - Brianna Charvat

The librarian of the Marching 97 is responsible for the organization of the band's music library. The librarian is in charge of copying and distributing music to the members of the Marching 97 so that all members of the band have all of the appropriate copies in their folders. The librarian can be contacted at

The Librarian for 2017 is Brianna Charvat, class of '20. Brianna is from northern New Jersey majoring in Industrial and Systems Engineering and minoring in Music. When she's not furiously organizing music or making copies, she plays piccolo for the 97 and flute for Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band. Brianna also enjoys reading, sleeping, and watching any animated movie. She personally thinks that Ravenclaw is the best Hogwarts house and wishes she could bring her dog to Lehigh.

Senior Representative - Chris Bianco

The Senior Representative of the Marching 97 has several various and somewhat random responsibilities. The responsibilities of the senior representative include acquiring food for the band on game days, acquiring and distributing senior gifts and planning the senior dinner at band camp. The senior representative can be contacted by emailing

Chris Bianco likes the finer things in life, including heckling players, accidentally staying up too late, and tracking Kanye West's every move. You can usually find him in the library, or sleeping, or in the library sleeping. Most of the time you can hear him getting way too excited about food he had earlier in the day.

Historian - Rachel Swope

The Historian's major responsibilities are the documentation and interpretation of the Marching 97's history in an attempt to make the band's past accessible and understandable to band members and the general public alike. The historian can be contacted at

Rachel Swope is thrilled to be the first historian to return to the position for a second year! She is from Allentown, NJ (not PA), a member of the class of 2019, a biology major, and a big fan of dogs. She knows more than she would sometimes like to about the 97's history, and dreams of owning a "The last march on Taylor Stadium" hat.